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Where Do Lice Come From?

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where do lice come from

Pediculus Humanus Capitis is the scientific name of the head lice. Though they are harmless insect parasites but very contagious in nature. Unlike body lice, they do not carry any diseases. Head lice make their home close to the scalp of your hair. Blood is the main source of product for them that they take it from the scalp. They cannot swim nor even fly. Many people ask where do lice come from?

Where Do Head Lice Come From?

where do lice come from

Head lice first originated from North America and migrated to various parts of the world like Europe and Australia. The eggs get glued to your hair by the female head louse. In her lifetime, she delivers around fifty to one hundred fifty eggs. It becomes very difficult for the people to take out the eggs as she sticks it on the base of your hair. The eggs hatch at the desired temperature for the duration of five to ten days.

The nits on the hair of the people make it difficult for them to recognize which ones are new and which are old nits. Old nits are those that are ready to hatch. Some must be knowing that it takes around one month to grow 1.2 inch of hair. If the egg is available in the one-fourth section of the scalp, then it must be a sixteen days old egg that will be ready to hatch. It is not possible to remove these nits with the help of a comb as they are tightly stuck.

The question that bothers everyone is how people get head lice? Many think that it comes only on dirty hair, but it is a myth. Even a hygienic person can face the problem of head lice. You cannot get lice from the pets, but you can surely get it from other human beings. It can transmit from other person’s hat, hairbrush or even wigs.

Facts To Know:

  • A louse lives more than head lice. The lifespan of a louse is thirty days whereas the lifespan of head lice is just forty-eight hours.
  • The lice will be attached to your hair only on one side of the hair strand
  • It will be in light grey or white in color
  • As lice survive on blood, so on an average, in every forty-five minutes a hatched nit sucks your blood.
  • It will be shocking for some but head lice like clean and healthy heads.
  • If you just get cured of the head lice, make sure you check your hair after every two to three weeks.
  • Pediculicides is the product that is very effective for the treatment of head lice. This product is not that useful now.
  • Products that contain lindane should not be used.
  • Lice can be a danger to the small pets and children that is why it is recommended to use spray on the lice.
  • Almost every lice treatment method requires manual nit picking
  • Head lice cannot get treated by just combing
  • We can get rid of head lice by proper treatment as they are not that dangerous.
  • Best shampoos that are specially designed for the lice are recommended.


There are so many methods by which you can get rid of this problem, and I have listed out some:

  1. Nitpicking is the golden and the oldest method. It is recommended to buy a special comb that is designed for the nits and lice. You can get it any supermarket. Nitpicking can also be done with the combination of some other treatments. You just need to part your hair into sections and pick out the strays. You cannot just get rid of the lice until to pick out each and every egg. This method requires a lot of time, patience and concentration.
  2. One of the excellent repressing agents is olive oil. It works on the phenomenon of suffocating the lice that result in killing them. For the effective results, you need to cover it with a shower cap by keeping it for overnight. Due to this, lice would not be able to breathe. Combing is necessary to remove the hair shafts that loosen up by the olive oil.
  3. Hair dryers can also be used for removing the hair lice. In a research, it has been proved that hot air methods are more effective than any other methods. With the help of blow dryers, you can kill ninety-eight percent of nits and fifty-five percent of lice. You can use a dryer after washing your hair. If you have applied any chemical formula for head lice, do not use a hair dryer after that.
  4. Spinosad is another option. Doctors recommend lotions that contain spinosad. You just need to apply a coat of the lotion on your dry hair, and it will help you in reducing your lice. Make sure you apply it from the roots to ends. Keep it on your hair for some minutes and then wash it off. After a proper use, comb for the nits. It also contains some common side effects like eye irritation and skin irritation. Visit a doctor and take an appropriate prescription from him/her before using it.
  5. Hair dunk method is also very useful. Most of us must be knowing that lice cannot swim in the water. You can take advantage of it by drowning your hair in the water for a certain interval of time. Though this method does not work if you have lice in large numbers.
  6. Petroleum and styling gels proved to be very effective in killing the lice. They do so by clogging the pores. For this, you just have to coat your hair and your scalp. Cover it with a shower cap for the whole night. Wash it off properly in the morning and then comb. Repeat this method for at least a week to get the successful results.

Now you know where do lice come from? And also the treatments for the same. Visit a doctor soon if the problem is increasing day by day.

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